What’s going on?

I guess I’ve had a bit of blogular radio silence, no matter,  I’m still here.

Tomorrow night I’m playing a FREE show at Stories a cafe in east LA with some cool friends – check out Susy Sun and The Little Miss!

I guess I don’t get on here much because I have to keep my head busy. I’m in it too much. I shouldn’t be here writing internal monologues out, but here I am.

Today I put the finishing touches on a 2 more singles. I’m going to start releasing them at the end of next month, starting with a show at the MA Theatre on Sept. 21st.

‘LV NV 10.31’
‘mag of cheap wine’

Three very, very different songs than what I’m used to releasing under this name. One that takes itself far too seriously, one that might be my best song yet, and one that is a little more tongue in cheek – respectively.

LV NV is about, most heavy handedly (is this a word?), my least favorite city in the world at one of my least favorite times in my life. Mag was a song I wrote for another theorized project that didn’t come to fruition. It’s a weird one because the rhythm (fun fact, I’m a fantastic speller, toot toot, but I never remember how to spell rhythym – see?) was meant to be played by someone else while I played the leads, so I don’t think i’ll be playing it acoustic live, but I have a plan for it that just might work. Love the lyrics on this one though. Degenerates, I’m not even sure how this one happened, it was a blur. I wrote it in like a day. It’s sort of a reflection on the idea of being, for lack of a better term, a degenerate, and now you have a kid. Just boggles my mind sometimes.

denim ghosts of Venice Beach, high, forever you and me and a mag of cheap wine

see you out there Los Angeles.

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