It’s been 1 week:

First and foremost, I hope everyone’s enjoying ‘Vice / Viscera‘. It’s been great playing the couple times I’ve had the chance, super thanks to everyone that came so far! I’ll announce more LA shows here and there that can be found on my Facebook Page but I should have at least a couple more coming and if you’re reading along and for some reason want to see me play then please do contact me.

So all that said; from here I wanted to expound upon future release plans:

I’m not so much interested anymore in releasing records. Or at least I’m not overly persuaded much by the idea that an album or record format is the best way to release music in this present day. That might change. I appreciate that there’s a bit of art that goes into the compilation of a record. I’m not terribly against the idea that songs that are thematically related be released together, but, having to sit on songs because other songs aren’t ready yet is just not the way I’m interested in doing things anymore. I have such a serious backlog of material in various stages of completion that I just feel it best to just get it out there. More a prescription to the ‘done is better than perfect’ maxim, rather than a testament to laziness or commitment.

There’s a service called DistroKid that I was recently turned onto. It allows you to release an unlimited amount of music on major platforms for a flat rate. It’s pretty much a game changer for someone like me that’s looking to release a lot of material. So check that out if you’re of a like-mind in that respect.

Anyway, again, thank you for checking out the record. I can’t even put into words how much it means to know that even one person appreciates it. thank you.

From here I’m going to recording and working on finishing the 2OCC acoustic record and in between there I’ll be finishing up the next TPT song, ‘LV 10.31‘, which I’m hoping to release in April. If you come check out the live set it gets played each night.

So keep checking in, leave a comment, I love hearing from you.

Love always,

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